2nd Panhellenic Congress “The state of art – The allergic child & related progress”

2ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο «State of the Art - Το Αλλεργικό Παιδί & οι Εξελίξεις»

Our company, The science support, is pleased to sponsor the 2nd Panhellenic Congress “The state of art-The allergic child & related progress” that is being held by the college of child Allergology. It is taking place on 23rd-26th of January 2020 at Megaron International Conference Centre.

The congress is addressed to healthcare professionals and its main goal is to utilize the new data as valuable tools, both in practice and in deeper understanding of the subject. During the congress, renowned scientists and speakers will present the latest achievements in the fields of Allergology and Immunology, including innovations in immunotherapy in different populations, asthma and allergic syndromes.

Moreover, the participants will have the chance to join in clinical tutorials and on the spot practice, which present plenty of information about novel techniques and approaches, that improve clinical practice, and provide useful knowledge for physicians, nurses and university students.

For more information related to the Congress, please visit the link attached below: https://allergycongress.gr

We will be happy to see you all there!