Analytical & General Laboratory Equipment

Analytical & General Laboratory Equipment

We provide high quality equipment and services, by securing strategic cooperations with market leading manufacturing companies from around the world.

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Alpha Mos

With nearly 30 years of expertise in sensory testing technologies, Alpha MOS offers global services in sensory analysis.

Alpha MOS provides innovative solutions in the field of sensory analysis. The company develops sensory analysis instrumentation, particularly in smell, taste and visual imaging analyzers. The Alpha MOS electronic nose, electronic tongue and electronic eye technologies and software have a wide range of industrial applications, in the field of quality control and product development, for food, beverage and Packaging industries.

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A pioneering manufacturer and supplier of autoclaves and sterilizers.

Astell Scientific offers a range of sterilizers and autoclaves ranging from small to large capacities (33-2000 litres). Astell Scientific autoclaves, steam generators and effluent decontamination systems (EDS) are designed to meet the exacting demands of modern laboratory, research, production and medical professionals.

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Berthold Technologies

A global leader in analytical equipment technology and detection systems.

Berthold Technologies offer high-performance bioanalytical instruments for biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and basic research laboratories in all fields of the life sciences. Berthold Technologies has a broad portfolio of products, including microplate readers, microplate washers, microplate workstations, microvolume spectrophotometers, tube luminometers, gamma counters, radio HPLC detectors and in vivo imaging systems, for identification, quantification and analysis of the molecular, physical and biological properties of substances and products.

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Bioanalytics Products – Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co.KG

A leading manufacturer of general laboratory equipment in the fields of life sciences, molecular diagnostics and biotechnology.

Biosan offers an extensive range of general laboratory equipment, including mixers, vortexes, centrifuges, incubators, water purification systems, as well as solutions for advanced applications, such as cell cultivation and nucleic acid isolation, including DNA/RNA UV-cleaner boxes, real time PCR systems and reagents.

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A leading global manufacturer offering high quality scientific instruments for a wide range of applications in the clinical, life-science and industrial markets.

Biochrom provides a comprehensive range of UV/Visible spectrophotometers, microvolume spectrophotometers, microplate readers, microplate washers, as well as amino-acid analyzers, widely used in hospital and laboratories worldwide.

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Centurion Scientific

A UK-leading centrifuge manufacturer, offering the largest selection of centrifuge types and styles in the world.

The centrifuges are designed for hospital, research, university and pharmaceutical use, with multiple types of models, including micro, small, medium, large and floor ambient with additional refrigerated versions.

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A leading manufacturer in freezing point osmometer technology and osmometry solutions.

Gonotec products are specifically designed for use in clinical laboratories, in biotech and pharmaceutical research, as well as the food and beverage industry. Gonotec osmometers are easy to use, feature quick operational readiness for rapid measurement, and can deliver accurate data from small samples.

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J.P. Selecta

A manufacturer of scientific and laboratory equipment with over 70 years of experience.

J.P. Selecta’s wide range of general laboratory equipment includes centrifuges, stirrers, shakers and homogenizers, ovens and furnaces, autoclaves, as well as apparatus for food and water analysis, for biology, chemistry and general laboratory applications.

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A manufacturer of high-performance analysis equipment for life science research, radiation measurement and nuclear medicine.

Hidex offers pioneering liquid scintillation counters, gamma counters and microplate readers together with products for PET radiochemistry and sample preparation. Today more than 4000 Hidex precision instruments are at service in leading laboratories worldwide as well as in some of the hardest conditions on the planet.

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The delivery channel of Avantor® providing the most extensive range of laboratory equipment products and consumables for life sciences and advanced technologies and research industries.

VWR offers an extensive portfolio of products including general lab equipment, analytical instruments, consumables, and products for every simple and advanced laboratory activity. VWR solutions are widely used in the biotechnological, pharmaceutical, hospital, educational and research sectors.

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