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Aiming at the future of diagnostic tests, we are constantly expanding our portfolio and securing new partnerships with the aim to provide you with specialized molecular diagnostic tests.

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A leading, global provider of innovative solutions in the areas of diagnostics, life sciences, and applied markets.

Revvity’s product portfolio is designed to improve the efficiency of genomic workflows providing complete, automated solutions for a range of genomic applications, including SARS-CoV-2 testing, nucleic acid isolation, NGS sample prep and protein characterization.

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A ThermoFisher Scientific company, manufacturing high-quality products that advance scientific discovery and human health.

Peprotech specializes in manufacturing and supplying high quality recombinant cytokines, growth factors, antibodies, cell culture media and ELISA kits supporting life science research, cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. With a wide variety of products, Peprotech’s portfolio can meet the high needs and demands of today’s laboratories.

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  • Protein, Antibody & Media Products
Elisabeth Pharmacon

A Czech-based company developing and producing high quality DNA diagnostics under the brand name EliGene®.

The company offers a diverse portfolio of IVD certified test kits for STIs, Respiratory Infections as well as Viral and Bacterial infections but also offers kits for Genetic and Oncology testing. Through extensive laboratory experience the company is also offering very high-quality manual nucleic acid extraction kits alongside PCR reagents and consumables.

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Progenie Molecular

A biomedical company specialized in molecular diagnostics.

Progenie molecular develops and implements innovative solutions for the diagnosis, prevention and monitoring of diseases. The company utilizes the latest biotechnology to provide molecular diagnostic tests for infectious Meningoencephalitis, respiratory infections, STIs, as well as Congenital and perinatal infections.

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A PerkinElmer company that provides cell engineering tools and services in three key areas of therapeutics: basic research, drug discovery and development, and therapeutic applications.

Horizon provides research reagents and services that help scientists better understand biological pathways and mechanisms of disease, as well as molecular reference standards used in the development of diagnostics tests.

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A company committed to the research and development, production and overall solutions of instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents in the field of genetic testing and molecular diagnostics.

Tianlong offers a complete product portfolio covering the whole spectrum of molecular diagnostics in the form of nucleic acid extraction systems, automated nucleic acid workstations, gene amplification instruments, real-time PCR instruments, as well as reagents for both extraction and RT-PCR. Its products are widely applied in the fields of medical diagnosis, food safety, epidemic prevention and control, customs and quarantine, forensics and scientific research.

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  • Tianlong Technology Co. Ltd
Eurofins Genomics

The Eurofins Scientific Group genomics division, globally known for its innovative and customized technologies in the life science industries and academic research institutions.

Eurofins Genomics is an international provider of DNA sequencing services, oligonucleotide synthesis products, such as qPCR probes and primers and bioinformatic services, with application in the field of genomic services, forensics, agroscience, pharmaceutical, environmental, food and feed testing.

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Bionano Genomics

A pioneering life science company, specialized in the field of optical genome mapping analysis.

Bionano Genomics’s Saphyr platform analyzes the long segments of genomic DNA for structural variations and is able to detect all classes of structural variations at high sensitivities, even those present at low allele fractions in heterogenous cancer samples, in an unbiased genome-wide manner. This technology enables researchers and clinicians to streamline and accelerate the detection of large-scale structural variations for genetic diseases, cancer, and cytogenomics and the search for new therapeutic targets.

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A leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment in the fields of life sciences, molecular diagnostics and biotechnology.

Providing solutions for advanced applications such as nucleic acid isolation with DNA/RNA UV-cleaner boxes, real time PCR systems and reagents as well as nucleic acid extraction systems and consumables.

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The leading UK-based supplier of molecular diagnostics, with a vast portfolio of molecular diagnostic kits.

TRUPCR Europe offers innovative products, with numerous advantages over current kits, making significant improvements in your laboratory testing. The company supplies a wide range of high-quality CE-IVD molecular diagnostic qPCR kits, covering the fields of oncology, and displaying a diverse portfolio of panels, infectious disease assays and coagulation assays.

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