The Science Support is leveraging its long experience to provide superior integrated solutions for life sciences applications.

By partnering with world-class biotech and biopharma manufacturers, we provide a broad range of products and comprehensive support services for scientific, diagnostic and analytical applications.

Global reach

Our customers include private diagnostic centres and pharma and bio-pharma companies, as well as all major hospitals, leading universities, research centres and institutes. Although our headquarters are in Athens, Greece, we are able to deliver our solutions to countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Quality first

Quality is a priority in everything we do for our customers. Our company has been certified with ISO-9001:2015 and ISO-13485:2016 and we are vigilant to align every activity with international industrial standards and statutory regulatory requirements, where applicable.


We support your activities in scientific, analytical and diagnostic applications, by advising you in the workflow design, analysis and description of the application.

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We supply your laboratory with reliable equipment, such as scientific instruments, reagents and consumables for any analytical and diagnostic application, at any scale.

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We offer complete technical support services, from installation and calibration of instruments to maintenance, repair, and good functioning warranty of laboratory equipment.

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