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Abacus Diagnostica

Through our partnership with Abacus Diagnostica, we provide the innovative and simple-to-use GenomEra™ DNA-based testing technology. This platform enables routine DNA-based testing without compromising the quality of results, and is ideal for applications where speed, ease-of-use and safe operation are critical.


Alpha Mos

Through our partnership with Alpha MOS, we provide sensory analytical solutions for odor, taste, visual and chemical profiling. Alpha MOS electronic sensing instruments are fast, sensitive, reliable and easy to use.


Attana Ab

We partner with Att ana AB, providing label-free biosensors for pharma, biotech, diagnostics and academic applications. By characterizing molecular interacti ons exactly as they occur in the human body, Att ana biosensors deliver biologically relevant information, hence enhanced success rate and efficiency in the R&D process.


Berthold Technologies

Berthold Technologies is considered a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostic. Τhe knowledge and experience in physics and in the techniques of highly sensitive detection of light, nuclear radiation and microwave frequencies, together with the use of modern electronics and software, allows company to maintain their excellent and longstanding reputation as a competent supplier of innovative instruments of the highest quality and reliability. Berthold Technologies are international leaders in industrial process control, bioanalytics and radiation protection. They focus on developing and manufacturing high-performance and customer-oriented measuring systems and devices.



Biochrom Ltd is a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments with over 40 years experience. The Biochrom Group consists of five well known instrument brands covering UV/Vis spectroscopy, microplate instrumentation and amino acid analysis. Biochorm's products are trusted by hospitals and laboratories worldwide due to their high quality and sensitivity.



Through our partnership with Bio-Nobile, we supply a complete soluti on for magneti c nucleic acid and protein purifi cati on. Bio-Nobile QuicPick™ technology off ers speed, simplicity and fl exibility for both manual and automated applicati ons.


Cesca Therapeutics

Cesca Therapeutics (Thermogenesis) is engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of cell-based therapeutics for use in regenerative medicine. They focus in three target markets to serve patients, physicians and partners. (Cellular Therapeutics, Cell Manufacturing and Banking).


Centurion Scientific Ltd

Centurion Scientific Ltd is one of the leading global centrifuge manufacturers. Centurion centrifuges offer utter perfection, with traditional functionality and safety features. Bringing together technological and design excellence Centurion has paved the way for a new generation of Centrifuges. Centurion has over 900 distributors in over 140 countries across the world.



We partner with CytoTrack to bring you novel technology for detecti on of rare cells and circulati ng tumor cells (CTC).



Genetrac is Czech biomedical company specialized in development and implementation of complex solutions in the area of molecular diagnostics. Genetrac develops and supplies kits for early diagnostics and monitoring of various diseases and mutations. The kits utilize quantitative real time PCR, measuring the increase in concentration of specific product with fluorescently labeled hybridization probes. These are characterized by high sensitivity and specificity. All kits are CE-IVD certified.


GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Their broad expertise in drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and performance solutions services help customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower costs. The GE Healthcare Company collaborates with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to provide innovative tools in drug research. The combination of instruments, reagents, training and technical support enables customers to improve productivity and efficiency of their methods.



Our partner Gyros AB is the world leader in uti lizati on of microfl uidic technologies to miniaturize and automate immunoassays. The Gyros immunoassay platf orm accelerates ti me-criti cal workfl ows, producing more data in less ti me and with less sample.



Hidex is a company which develops and manufactures high performance analysis equipment for life science research, radiation measurement and nuclear medicine. The products utilize modern technology and excellent tradition of workmanship. With strong links to the scientific community Hidex continue to innovate and develop to improve scientific research and safety of everyday life. Today more than 3000 Hidex precision instruments are at service in leading laboratories worldwide.



Established in Slovenia in 1989, Ipros started out to develop production plants for the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries at the highest level. Today the Ipros supplies full – service solutions for plant engineering and construction, automation and installation with a constantly increasing market share. They aspire to guarantee their customers cost effectiveness, safety and sustainability by means of an integrated understanding of our customers’ requirements and needs integrated methods/process engineering solutions based on their multidisciplinary competencies and experience function- and application-oriented design and manufacturing of their process systems demanding project realisation times kept by means of efficient technological solutions and tightly organised project management maximum financial and technical project safety.


Isogen Life Science

Our partner Isogen Life Science brings over two decades of experience in life science, with a complete gel imaging platf orm for genomics and proteomics applicati ons.


Malvern Instruments

MicroCal microcalorimeters are powerful, analytical tools used to study biological systems. These include interactions between molecules as well as changes in conformation such as protein unfolding. The technique is very convenient requiring only minimal assay development and NO labelling. The range includes both Differential Scanning and Isothermal Titration calorimetry. MicroCal microcalorimeters are used in a wide range of applications from basic research to the discovery and development of small molecule drugs, biotherapeutics and vaccines. Our customers include pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and governmental research institutions worldwide.


Pan Biotech

Our partner PAN-Biotech develops and produces a broad variety of innovati ve biotechnological products for cell culture.


Pan Systech

We supply the Pan-Systech portfolio of innovative biotechnological systems for cell culture automation and bioprocessing.


Perkin Elmer

PerkinElmer is the global leader in prenatal, providing the platf orms of choice in many parts of the world. Whether your needs are large or small, we have the experti se to help you choose the right technology from among the industry-leading PerkinElmer clinical screening platf orms.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scienti fi c manufactures the Phadia Laboratory Systems automated enzyme immunoassay blood testi ng platf orms for clinical diagnosis and monitoring of allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases. Through our partnership, we enable you to tap into technological advantages from the global leader in allergy and autoimmunity diagnosti cs.


Viva Products

Viva Products has been supplying the highest quality products to the clinical diagnostic marketplace for over 20 years. In 2008 they began offering new products for the purification of DNA in the forensic laboratory market. The strong relationship with Sartorius Corp will help to expand more product offerings to include high quality instruments and equipment for the benefit of their customers. Viva Products provide the widest assortment of concentrators to commercial and hospital labs.



VWR was started in 1852 to provide products to the mining and laboratory markets. Fast forward more than 160 years and VWR has a place in several industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare. Because of VWR’s history and experience, they are able to consistently provide an unmatched product choice for their customers, deliver on their promises through operational excellence, and streamline the work of scientists and other professionals through a suite of differentiated services. At VWR, they supply what is needed to bring science to life. VWR is headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania. VWR support more than 120,000 customers and employ more than 8,500 associates around the globe.